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Senior Portrait Information

So, What's it Like?

In a word, FUN!

During your session, you will be amazed as Christopher works his magic. He knows how to make you look your very best. Sometimes just a slight tilt of the head, a change in the shoulder direction or shift of the weight to the other foot can help turn a snapshot into a masterpiece.

You’ll also be pleased that Christopher can gently direct you into comfortable positions without grabbing you or sticking you into dorky, awkward poses. Most importantly, when your session is finished you won’t believe how easy it was, and how fast the time seemed to go.

The most critical part of looking good in your senior portraits requires a photographer who is an artist, a craftsman and a psychologist all at once. Combine that with over 33 years of experience photographing thousands and thousands of seniors, an it’s easy to see why you and Christopher Yates make the unbeatable combination for your senior portraits!

The Difference

How Much?

Each portrait session is customized especially you. We offer 4 different sessions. Style include studio portraits, location portraits as well as a combination of both.. We even offer a 1/2 day session that captures you in your favorite locations around Central Florida.


Expressions Session
Studio portraits created in both Color and Black & White.
Up to one hour of photography time.
4-5 Clothing Changes
Regular $198.00
SALE - 50% OFF
Sale Price - $99.00

Creation Session
On location in the Winter Park or Orlando Area
Color and B&W
Up to 1 hour of photography time
4-5 Clothing Changes
Reg. $298.00
SALE – 50% OFF
Sale Price ~ $149.00

Art Session​
Studio plus on location in Winter Park or Orlando
Color and B&W
Up to 2 hours of photography time
6-7 Clothing Changes
Reg. $398.00
SALE – 50% OFF
Sale Price ~ $199.00

Your Day Session
A 1/2 day session with portraits at your favorite locations
Unlimited clothing changes
Color and B&W
Reg. $898.00
Sale Price ~ $449.00

We offer several senior portrait collections with savings up to 25%. Please feel free to give us a call - 407.628.9800. We will be happy to answer any of your questions concerning pricing, or any other questions that you may have.

Here are some key questions to ask when considering your senior portrait studio:

What will my session be like?

Your session should be fun. You should feel comfortable and relaxed. You should never be rushed. And you should have a great time.

With Christopher Yates, you get all this and more. Christopher has been making seniors look and feel awesome for over thirty years. Behind the camera, he’s one of the best.

How will I look in my pictures?

You already know you get more variety than anywhere else, and that your pictures will show more style, personality and fun. Christopher’s years of experience can make the difference between a mere picture and a true portrait.

What if I don’t like my portraits?

You are never stuck with pictures you don’t like. If you’re not happy with them for any reason, we’ll remake them, no hassles ever, no fine print. This 100% guarantee is peace-of-mind for both you and your parents.

Can you trust your once-in-a-lifetime portrait to a once-in-a-while (or hardly ever) photographer?

Anyone with a camera can point it at you and take your picture. But there’s a big difference between a snapshot and a professional portrait. And year after year, Christopher Yates continues to grow because we provide creativity, value, service and professionalism at the highest level in Central Florida. A quick glance at the photos on this website makes it easy to compare—because there is no comparison!