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A Professional Headshot – It takes more than a selfie stick!

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Even with the proliferation of smart phones with cameras and the changes that have come as a result of digital photography, people still see the value of having their business portrait or headshot created by a professional photographer.

It takes much more than a good camera  (and a selfie stick) to create a professional portrait. I have heard countless stories from those that I have photographed that tell me that before they hired me to create their portrait, they tried to do it themselves or they had a friend do it because “they have a really great camera!” One of my favorite stories is from a guy that had recently moved to the area and was told by his company that he needed a portrait that would be projected during a company conference presentation. They instructed him “just send us whatever picture you are using on Linked-In.”
He went on to tell me that he was horrified at the thought of having that “mug shot” of him projected on a 60′ screen, so he had to come up with another photograph.

His wife encouraged him to call a professional photographer for the portrait. So, what did he do? He call me and scheduled an appointment right, wrong!
He knew that his camera did a good job and should be easy to give him the results he needed. He proceeded to set-up a “studio” in his living room, removing lamp shades and striving for the “perfect lighting”. His wife walked through shook her head and encouraged him to call a studio. But he kept on striving for the perfect portrait.
Needless, to say, the results he achieved were dismal. He called me and scheduled an appointment to come into my studio.

When he arrived, we chatted and began the photography. He looked all around and said “Wow, look at all of these lights and equipment.” He then proceeded to tell that story that I just shared and his efforts to do it himself.

He and his wife loved the final results and he now how a portrait that he was proud to share.

I have learned over my past 30+ years as a professional photographer that while the proper camera, lighting and equipment are needed, it is just as important to truly care about people. To talk with them, help them relax and to bring out their personality in their portrait. There’s nothing quite like one on one relating to each other, talking with another person instead of staring into a camera as you hold up a selfie stick!


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