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A Blast of a Photo Shoot!

KAJ Brothers Photo by Christopher Yates

It's always a blast working with the KAJ Brothers and their latest project was certainly no exception! Their version of The Star Spangled Banner is now available on iTunes just in time for the 4th of July. It's been a joy to not only photograph the KAJ Brothers but to also design all of the their album covers.

Click on the video below to enjoy the KAJ Brothers
special acappella version of The National Anthem.

The KAJ Brothers share:
"We have a mission to leave our audience uplifted and feeling loved with the primary purpose of elevating women with true love songs. We want to help raise the standards for girls and women while influencing humanity as a whole, to treat women with greater respect."

Be sure to check out the KAJ Brothers HERE on iTunes.

KAJ Brothers photography by Christopher Yates
KAJ Brothers photo by Christopher Yates